Me suis fait pwned par le yuibot :p

16:17:07 Hadrien (hadrien): so, i give Y.bind() in place of function as second param of Y.YSQL ?
16:17:34 brian_endpoint: sounds right
16:18:15 brian_endpoint: Y.bind wraps any function setting 'this' inside of that function, so anywhere that takes a function as an argument will take the return value of Y.bind (since it is a function)
16:18:44 Hadrien (hadrien): doesn't works :(
16:18:45 yuibot: doesn't work: What do you mean it doesn't work? What happens when you try to run it? What's the output? What's the error message? Saying "it doesn't work" is pointless.
16:18:57 apipkin: lol!
16:19:45 brian_endpoint: you get'em yuibot
16:20:20 apipkin: i think that's the first time i've seen yuibot say that
16:20:32 apipkin: i mean i saw it in the source, but never in the channel
16:21:33 Tew (tew): it got recently triggered on "doesn't w..k in YUI 3.2" ;)
16:21:53 apipkin: hahaha